The Federal Government wants your say on the National Housing and Homelessness Plan

15 AUGUST 2023

On August 7, the first day of Homelessness Week 2023, Housing and Homelessness Minster Julie Collins announced a consultation process would take place on a National Housing and Homelessness Plan.

The Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Forum (AHHF) and Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) want you to use your voice to call for a separate plan to address the unique challenges faced by Aboriginal* people.

There is no doubt the national, mainstream plan must include extensive focus on First Nations housing and homelessness issues. History tells us a mainstream plan by itself won’t create real change on the ground for Aboriginal people. A distinct, Aboriginal-focused plan that outlines how Aboriginal housing outcomes will be delivered, that addresses the different and distinct drivers of First Nations homelessness and housing and builds on our strengths is needed.

AHHF Chair and AHV CEO Darren Smith said it’s vital that Aboriginal leaders, organisations and communities are included in shaping a national Aboriginal housing and homelessness plan, which should sit alongside the mainstream strategy.

“The Federal Government is encouraging people to share their experiences to help inform the development of the mainstream plan. We want you to help us call for a strategy that recognises the driving forces of the Aboriginal housing crisis as unique, place-based and culturally distinct,” Mr Smith said.

“The AHHF’s Mana-na woorn-tyeen maar-takoort: Every Aboriginal Person Has A Home can light the path. We have the solutions. So when you have your say on the Government’s plan, make sure you remind them we are here waiting and ready to help.”

Have your say on the Issues paper here:


*The term ‘Aboriginal’ is used to refer to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people